14 Essential Products For Adventure Rides

14 Essential Products For Adventure Rides

What should you have with you on a long UTV ride?

Story & Photos: Casey Cordeiro

We’ve been going on long distance adventures for many years, and we’re glad to see that more people are getting into the longer trips. However, these long trips require you to be prepared beyond just your normal 1-2 hour ride. Here are 14 Essential Products For Adventure Rides that not only keep our machines protected, but also become essential items for you and your cohorts on the trail. We’ll see you out there!


Honda Talon 1000X-4 3/8” UHMW Skid Plates – Factory UTV

Price: $1439.98

Website: https://www.factoryutv.net/product/factory-utv-honda-talon-4x-1000-three-eighths-uhmw-ultimate-kit/

If you’re going to be doing serious rock climbing or if you ride in places with sticks and roots everywhere, an excellent set of skid plates is imperative. Factory UTV has been supplying skid plates to the world’s top UTV racers since the sport became mainstream, and one of their latest set of skids belongs on the Honda Talon 1000X-4. This Ultimate kit comes with everything you need to cover every part of your Honda Talon underbelly and a-arms/trailing arms. If you need even more protection, there is a 1/2” version of these UHMW skids.


Polaris RZR PRO XP High Clearance Lower A-Arms – S3 Powersports

Price: $495

Website: https://s3powersports.com/s3-power-sports-polaris-rzr-pro-xp-hd-high-clearance-lower-a-arms/

The lower front a-arms on the RZR PRO XP lineup leave a bit of strength to be desired, and S3 Powersports has come up with a direct-replacement solution that not only gives you more strength, but also gives you more clearance for rocks, roots, and whatever else is in the trail. These arms also come with S3’s Lifetime Structural Warranty.


57pc Universal Tool Roll – Boxo USA

Price: $399.95 (on sale now for $349.95)

Website: https://boxousa.com/i-702-57-pc-universal-tool-roll-for-side-by-side-vehicles.html?ref=category:421

It’s inevitable, you’re going to need tools on the trail. You might not be the one in need, but no doubt your buddy will need help at some point. The worst thing is when you can’t find your tool bag, or when the tools are all over the place. The Boxo Universal Tool Roll is purpose built for UTVs, and we love how you can have one place for all necessary tools. Just secure it in your vehicle and you’re ready to go. All the tools will be in there, every time, in the same spot.


Bolt-on, Modular Roof Rack, 30” Series – Axia Alloys

Price: Varies, from $499.95 to $1039.95

Website: https://axiaalloys.com/product/modular-roof-rack-30-wide-adjustable-width-from-27-36/

Available in multiple lengths (also a 50” Series), this modular roof rack system from Axia Alloys is truly a unique product in the industry. This roof rack can be mounted to nearly any UTV with either a stock or aftermarket cage system. It gives you the ability to adjust width, length, and radius, all in one innovative setup. This is for adventure aficionados who truly want to make a roof rack their own.


Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount – Zollinger Racing Products (ZRP)

Price: $191.20

Website: https://www.zollingerracingproducts.com/rzrstore/03fgx1jqkji5lkrs1hijr4w8tdeioc

While commonly sold out on their website, this is a product worth waiting for from ZRP. This mount is a true quick release design with the simple push of a button to release the tab. The mounting is simple as well, perfect for the trail. Plus, there is no pin that could get caught in tree branches and other obstacles on the trail.


Extra Pack of Tie Downs – Mac’s Tie Downs

Price: $69.95

Link:  http://www.macscustomtiedowns.com/product/utility-pack/1-inch-tie-down-straps

If you trailer your UTV to a riding area – most of us do – then you inevitably have tie downs to secure it to your vehicle or trailer. Most of us don’t think about keeping a couple spare tie downs in your rig on the trail, but we’re here to tell you that having extra tie downs can be a life saver on the trail. They come in handy for tie rod breaks and so much more, not to mention the chance that you’ll have to secure extra cargo on the ride. Keep a set like Mac’s with you at all times.


Dedicated Dry Bag for storage – Freegrace

Price: $22.99 for 20L large bag (plus 2 smaller bags)

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Freegrace-Waterproof-Seals-Detachable-Shoulder/dp/B071YTL91K?ref_=ws_cp_5a87af8aa5370f0517e5_p_1_t_p

You don’t think about it much, but there have been a lot of times where rain has unexpectedly hit us during a long ride. It’s inevitable, and people have laughed at us for carrying our extra jackets and gear in dry bags. When those moments come to fruition and rain is pouring on you, you’ll be happy you kept all of your extra clothes in a dry bag for safe keeping. Trust us, especially if you have kiddos with you. The main dry bag in this kit is large with 20L of capacity, and there are also 2 other bags that come with it.


M.U.L.E. 100oz Hydration Pack – Camelbak

Price: $115

Link: https://www.camelbak.com/en/packs/bike/R01132–MULE_100_oz_Hydration_Pack?color=39bf23b5db5c49fbb8ac1beb6bf8a041

After years of carrying bulky, single-use plastic bottles, we are now in the groove of carrying 1 or 2 hydration packs, along with other refillable bottles, for our water supply on the trail. These make it easy to keep yourself hydrated, and we tend to mount these right in between the seats so you can take a drink anytime you want. They work perfect. Just like mountain bike riders (if this is you then you can use this pack double duty), you can use this time and time again in your UTV. Tip: blow out the zippers once in a while to get the dust out.


Door Bags – SuperATV

Price: $89.96 (on sale)

Link: https://www.superatv.com/can-am-maverick-x3-door-bags

Having extra storage, especially the sealed type, is never a bad thing in a UTV. In fact, so many UTVs lack enough storage solutions inside the vehicle these days. Door bags are essential, and a set like these from SuperATV allow you to easily mount and store your items securely. Plus, they have a built in pad for more protection and comfort. We use these for all of our trail essentials.


Crunch Multi-tool – Leatherman

Price: $94.95 (on sale)

Link: https://www.leatherman.com/crunch-1.html?cgid=multi-tools#start=1

Everyone should have a multitool with them at all times, and this Leatherman Crunch is a great example of why. We love the fact that this compact multi-tool has locking pliers, something that we didn’t think could exist in a compact tool like this that can fit in your pocket. These store great in the door bags, too! Instead of breaking out your tool set, you can easily store this tool in a convenient place for easy access. There’s more than just a set of pliers in this tool as well…


Complete First Aid Kit – Surviveware

Price: $105.95

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Surviveware-Trucks-Camping-Outdoor-Preparedness/dp/B07CQ8JVC7/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&aaxitk=4oPTlSYGvGWyWzUC-rCSCA&hsa_cr_id=4625758680501&ref_=sb_s_sparkle

A first aid kit is another essential item to have with you on the trail, no matter how long the ride may be. This particular kit is full of 200 items, and it is still compact enough to store away on the back of your headrest or secured in a storage area. Always keep it with you.


Medium-Duty Winch Accessory Kit – WARN

Price: $184.99

Link: https://www.amazon.com/88900-juego-accesorios-cabestrante-resistencia/dp/B0097SUH40/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=warn+recovery+kit&qid=1590638664&sr=8-2

Not only is having a winch imperative on long rides, but having the right tools to help you extract a vehicle with a winch is also imperative. This Medium-Duty Winch Accessory Kit will be able to help you extract any UTV with a high weight capacity on each of these products. You’ll also appreciate the very well built denier carry bag.


Compact Tire Repair Kit with Mini Compressor – Aerostich

Price: $97.00

Link: https://www.aerostich.com/aerostich-compact-tire-repair-kit-with-mini-compressor-1.html

Simple and effective, this is an all-in-one solution for tire repair on the trail. This kit has plugs, patches, glue, tools, a protective case, and a mini air compressor that has multiple ways to connect it to a battery. This is a great little kit for anyone looking for a compact tire repair solution.


inReach Explorer + Handheld GPS system – Garmin

Price: $349.99

Link: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/561269

If you don’t have a GPS system in your vehicle, we advise that you should always have one for those “just in case” moments. Garmin makes a lot of GPS products, but we like the inReach because you can send messages from the GPS no matter where you are on earth. It also has TOPO mapping and all of the latest technology built in, all for an affordable price.

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