Trinity Racing /Streamline Brakes Can-Am X3

Trinity Racing Can-Am X3

Sometimes, a UTV is so pretty, you may have second thoughts about taking it out to beat it up in the dirt. Luckily, Paul Rivera from Streamline Brakes isn’t too worried about his gorgeous Can-Am Maverick X3.

We caught up with Paul at his home near Rancho Cucamonga, California to go on an in-depth tour of this incredible X3, which has been massaged, painted, hopped-up, and polished to a near showcar-like level. Here’s what Paul had to say about this build!

UTVOR: What is the main type of riding you will be doing with this car?
Paul: Sand Dunes, but it can also be used in the desert. I just can’t get away from the sand!

UTVOR: Who tuned the car, and what is done to the engine?
Paul: The Engine is Equipped with a Trinity Racing “ Cerakote Black” Full exhaust system which eliminated the restrictive stock muffler. We also installed a Trinity Clutch kit to help hold peak power in the dunes. The engine was tuned by EVO Powersports. The car is equipped with a Maptuner X that holds all of the ECU tunes offered by EVO from Stage 1 to Stage 5RI and can be changed by the push of a button. To support the EVO tunes, the car was equipped with a EVO V-FLOW Intake, Hi-Flow Air Filter, Silicone Charge Tubes, and a Billet blow off valve. This X3 is putting out 160 horsepower To the rear wheels.

UTVOR: How is the suspension?
Paul: The suspension was dialed in by our friends at Shock Therapy using their new Dual Rate Spring kit. We bolted on a set of HCR XRS Elite Control arms, Assault Industries Turret Radius Rods and Tie Rods, and Summer Bros 300M Axles. The suspension is PLUSH. This car just eats up rough stuff, it’s unbelievable.

UTVOR: What is your favorite part about this car?
Paul: That’s tough! You know, I’ve owned a lot of toys, and hands down the X3 is the most fun car I’ve ever driven. This car handles like a dream and has more than enough power whenever it’s needed. The quality of this car exceeds any other UTV I’ve owned as well. Even working on the X3 is nice. This car is just an all around bad ass machine. You can tell Can-Am put some thought into this one.

UTVOR: What does Streamline bring to this car?
Paul: When building a UTV we focus on making it faster and putting larger tires on it for clearance. We all add tons of weight with a new, stronger cage and accessories. But nobody realizes you need to support all of that with better braking. We designed an Over Sized Rotor kit for the front and rear of the X3 that bolts right up on the car, without replacing the calipers. We added 30% more stopping power to this beast, which adds a huge level of confidence behind the wheel.

UTVOR: What are your future plans for this car?
Paul: With dune season here, we are going to use this car just how it sits for a couple months and test its durability. EVO will be releasing their new tunes using a 2018 fuel pump soon, and we will be upgrading the car and doing comparisons. The tuning on these turbo cars is way too much fun; there are so many variables you can play with to dial the car in the way you want it. For now, I’m just going to put some miles on it!

SDR roll cage with integrated rear bumper aluminum roof & light pocket
SDR full aluminum doors
SDR carbon fiber door bags
Nolimit front bumper with skid plate

HCR xrs long travel elite suspension
Shock Therapy front and rear dual rate spring kit
Summer Brothers front & rear 3m axles
Assault Industries turret aluminum radius rods
Assault Industries turret aluminum tie rods
Assault Industries turret aluminum sway bar links
Streamline Brakes steel braided brake lines
Streamline Brakes 270mm oversized brake rotor kit & pads

KC HiLites 40” flex led light bar with blue rings
KC HiLites dual flex lights mounted for night duning
KC HiLites interior dome light
KC HiLites blue led rock lights
Heretic Studios led shock tower kit with ZRP billet mount
Safe Glow 4’ led blue quick disconnect whips

OMF 15” Superlight beadlocks
GMZ 30” Sand Stripper HP paddle tires for dunes

Raceline 15” Black Mamba bead locks
GBC 32” Kanati Mongrel tires for dirt

Assault Industries bomber side mirrors
Assault Industries rear view mirror
Assault Industries fire extinguisher kit
Assault Industries “D” shape steering wheel with adapter
Assault Industries front grille
Four Werx carbon fiber nose scoop
Four Werx carbon fiber hood inserts
Four Werx carbon fiber shock guards
Four Werx carbon fiber center console dash
Simpson seats with ostrich and diamond pattern material
Simpson 2” 5 point harness
PCI Radio Traxx intercom system with bluetooth and car-to-car radio
PCI Radio race air

Trinity Racing stage 5 “Cerakote Black” full exhaust system
Trinity Racing clutch kit
EVO Powersports map tuner x loaded with ECU tunes stage 1, 2, 3, 3i, 3ri, 4ri, 5ri
EVO Powersports vflow intake
EVO Powersports blow off valve
EVO Powersports high flow filter
EVO Powersports charge tubes
EVO Powersports big injectors
S&B filter particle separator

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