Assault Industries A-Bomb Polaris RZR Turbo

We’ll admit it: sometimes we get a little jaded. We spend more time in RZR Turbos and Maverick X3s than we do in other, less expensive UTVs. Not to say that we don’t like the more affordable variants, but when it comes to building new showcase cars, this industry is set on “Kill.”

Just one lap at the annual Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California confirms that notion, with seemingly endless amounts of highly-modified sport UTVs decked out with big price tags waiting to be snatched up by a middle-class workingman (or woman) just itching to get out and blow off some steam on weekends and holidays. It’s the genesis of the UTV industry- a vehicle built for the working class, affordable yet capable. And then there are cars like the A-Bomb.

Hovering around this 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo, it would be hard to picture it back in its stock form. Every piece on the car has been massaged, painted, machined, or replaced with more high-tech parts. It’s one of the most in-depth stock chassis/stock engine builds we have come across, and we can’t keep our eyes off of it.

By now, it’s no secret that the team at Assault Industries are serious about UTV parts. Their dedication to the sport, the lifestyle, and their support of the industry as patrons sheds a humble light on this bustling company; these guys are true, die-hard UTV enthusiasts that have turned their work into a labor of love.

Here, it shows. Swing the butterfly wing-like doors open on this RZR, and it’s immediately apparent that this car was built with a single focus: to turn heads. The white and root beer metallic paint scheme does a great job at bringing you in to catch some of the smaller details, which have all been massaged in-house at Assault Industries in Garden Grove, California.

The base RZR was stripped — you guessed it — to the frame, with all stock suspension and wheel end components removed and replaced with beefier, longer-travel, and more plush parts. HCR Racing supplied their Elite long travel kit, widening the XP by a massive 8 inches overall. With the Elite kit, you get a wider stance and more travel without a ton of added weight. Summers Brothers axles deal with the added width well, using the stock CV joints for reduced cost.

With this King Racing-suspended long travel kit, the RZR sees well over 20 inches of wheel travel, meaning that significant-sized bumps can now go ignored from behind the wheel. We have put a ton of time in HCR-equipped RZRs, and when tuned correctly, they are flat-out amazing.

Make no mistake, this is not a race car — it’s an off-road cruiser built for high speed and great looks. You’ll find no chromoly chassis, no frame reinforcement gussets or fuel cells. What you will find is a host of Assault Industries product, making this car a rolling showcase. The full list includes: Assault sway bar links, front shock guards, reservoir mounts, radius rods, radius rod reinforcement plate, Stealth rear-view mirror, Stealth visors, H-style harnesses, Ballistic “D” steering wheel, steering wheel hub, billet gas cap, Hellfire shifter, quick-release fire extinguisher kit, Apache bumpers front and rear, Apache spare tire rack, and a set of Bomber side mirrors.


Assault’s catalog has grown tremendously in the past few years, and this car has every RZR part they make bolted to it. Rugged Radios also outfitted the car with a full host of intercom and car-to-car radios.

The largest visual change to the car comes from the GlazzKraft Vortex V2 fiberglass wide-body kit, which stretches the body panels out to cover up the wheels a little better. A full custom center console and dash kit from GlazzKraft grace the interior, adding some flair while also making room for more accessory mounting spots. On the outside, Proline Wraps printed up a subtle yet very attractive door graphic package to offset some of the white space on the body kit.

Mounted behind the steering wheel is a RacePak IQ3 digital dash, which features a lot more information and gauge capability than a stock RZR gauge cluster. A full MTX stereo system with Bluetooth capability and a NavAtlas Plug-N-Play push to start kit extend the creature comforts to modern luxury car levels.

The car also features a huge array of KC Hilites Flex LED lights, including a full-width light bar, Cyclone LED underglow lights, dual A-pillar lights, and a 10” bumper-mounted light bar. A set of WhipTech LED whips keep the car visible at night. All of the lighting and electronics are controlled by a plug and play XTC Motorsports accessory switch kit, which makes installing all of your accessories an absolute breeze.

The cockpit is comfortable, with long trips made much more bearable by the addition of the PRP XC seats and Assault 4-point harnesses. The stock seats and belts in the RZR are barely up to the task of holding on to occupants at 80+ mph, which these turbo cars can routinely see in the desert.

A set of beautiful MSA M21 Lok wheels are wrapped in EFX Sandslingers paddle tires in the rear to help put some of this 150+ horsepower car’s power down to the sand, and the front ribbed tires provide better control while turning through the dunes. With the HMF Titan dual exhaust system and ECU tune, this RZR carries its weight well, charging over rough terrain like no show car really should. The guys from Assault love getting out and driving; this car will never be a trailer queen. We dig that.

This car is certainly a showcase of the talented companies involved, but it’s also a little more than that. Assault Industries owner, Marcelo Danze, is a UTV addict. His love for the sport shines through when you see him get behind the wheel of this car — he’s all smiles. Isn’t that what we all aim for? To build your ideal personal car that suits your personal tastes and brings you joy every time you slide behind the wheel? Assault has done it here — just take a close look at the photos. If you’re inspired, check out the websites of some of the fine folks involved in this build. Not only will the parts increase your UTV’s performance, but they look a lot better at the same time!

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