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Designed, Manufactured and Race Tested; Mark Holz Relies on Results to Prove His Performance UTV Goods

In a time where low quality stamped steel and overseas manufacturing is fast becoming the norm, it’s good to know performance and quality can still be found here at home. Which is exactly what we found when Mark Holz of Holz Racing Products kept bombarding our inbox with race wins in the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS) with his tricked out and race winning Polaris RZR. The results were impressive with Mark dominating the UTV field with race wins virtually every time he took to the track.  Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t surprising to find a wealth of Holz Racing Products adorning his race rig, from a long travel suspension system and a stout skid plate to chassis supports and roll cage. But what was surprising was to learn all of the parts are designed and manufactured in his Lynden, Washington headquarters.

Drawing from his background as an engineer, avid snowmobiler, former ATV racer, and former circle track racer (mini sprint cars),  Mark Holz started his performance shop over 10 years ago, and since then has prided himself on engineering and extreme testing the finest quality, most effective performance parts for UTV, ATV and snowmobile applications. While he might be a household name in the snowmobile world, he is a relative newcomer to the UTV world, but not for long with products and results like those he has already posted.  “Anyone can make a UTV or ATV or snowmobile faster,” said Mark from his Lynden, Washington facility. “Obviously, it takes power and speed to win in a circuit as competitive as WORCS, and our RZR makes plenty thanks to the folks at Kroyer Racing Engines. But at Holz we believe building a UTV that is tough and outhandles the competition is what makes the difference.”

One can find testament to those words by looking at the materials and craftsmanship that is exuded by every product shipped from Holz Racing. And perhaps the best example is the RZR +4 Long Travel Suspension kit that Mark has race tested aboard his Polaris RZR.  The +4 Suspension Kit starts by increasing a RZR’s width by 4-inches per side for improved stability and handling. Then Mark and his crew custom valve fully adjustable Fox Racing Shox with external high and low speed adjusters as well as rebound clickers. Combined, the kit increases wheel travel to a whopping 12.5-inches, which smoothes out nearly any terrain. The custom valving stacks used by Holz also virtually eliminates harsh bottoming, which is a key to their race success according to Mark.

“There are several long travel kits on the market,” said Mark. “But we custom valve our Fox Shox and then test them on the race track to ensure we deliver the best kit possible. If your suspension is bottoming hard or not keeping the tire on the ground, you are wasting power and not taking advantage of all a long travel kit has to offer.” Holz Racing offers their long travel RZR suspension with both non-adjustable piggyback Fox Racing Shox (standard kit) or premium Fox Racing Shox (premium kit) such as those found on the Holz racing Polaris race buggy.  Of course, the hard-parts of the +4 kit are also top shelf. Holz starts with the best materials like 4130 chromoly A-arms; heat-treated 4340 extended front axle shafts and beefy 300M extended rear axle shafts. They then manufacturer each +4 Suspension Kit in-house with precision tig welding, durable powder coating and custom Eibach springs. Also included in the kit are detailed instructions, tie-rod extenders and braided steel brake lines.  “We really pride ourselves on building all of our products right here at home. I know I could outsource a lot of the performance suspension and chassis parts we sell, but quality is super important to me.”  Important would be an understatement. Holz Racing not only builds the stuff on this side of the pond, but more importantly they race test every thing they sell before it ever touches a customer’s hand.  “I’d say at a minimum we race test our products for at least a half a season before we make it available for customers,” said Mark. “In doing so, we not only ensure it is durable, but we also want to make sure the kits and parts are easy to install, fit right and perform. When customers spend their hard-earned money on our products, the experience should be turn-key from the moment they call our shop or visit us online.”

Other Holz goods found on the Holz Racing Polaris RZR include a custom roll cage; chassis supports; Pre-Runner front bumper and skid plate; and a custom fuel cell and exhaust system designed and fabricated by Mark himself. While not every part is something Holz currently offers to its customers today, many are and others are in the testing stage Mark is so adamant about.  “Right now, the Holz Racing RZR has a hybrid of the +4 Suspension mounted up. It delivers more travel and more stability than our current kit, and if it continues to prove itself on the racetrack, I can see us offering it to our customers soon.”  Already this season, Mark has won both WORCS UTV events and is poised to make it three in a row when the green flag drops March 27-29 in Lake Havasu, Arizona for the third race of the season. For more information on Holz Racing Products or to get your own HRP +4 Suspension Kit or other RZR performance products, visit them online at www.holzracingproducts.com or call 360-398-7006.

Custom chassis/roll cage and body:
Designed and built by Holz
• Paint by Advanced Powder Coating
• Graphics by Utendorfer Design

Skid Plate: Designed and built by Holz

Pre-Runner Front Bumper: Designed and built by Holz

Custom +6” long travel suspension:
Designed and built by Holz
• Fox Racing Shocks
• Summers Brothers Axle shafts
Sway bar: Holz / Schroeder

Drive train: Stock Polaris

Brakes: Stock Polaris

Motor: Developed and built by Kroyer Racing Engines / Holz
–         PWR Radiator
–         Fuel Cell: Holz / Fuel Safe
–         Oil Cooler: Holz / SETRAB

Custom Built Race Exhaust:
Designed and built by  Holz

Clutching: Holz / Team Ind.
Maxxis Tires
OMF Beadlock Wheels
Recaro Racing Seats
Crow Safety Harness
Momo Steering Wheel
Joes Racing Quick disconnect steering column
VisionX Lighting
PCI Race Radios



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