Winter Off-Road Accessory Guide

Winter Off-Road Accessory Guide

Words:  Lance Schwartz // Photos:  Lance Schwartz & manufacturers

Winter Off-Road Accessory Guide

Love it or leave it, winter is going to be with us for the next few months.  Those living up north and in high elevations need not park their rigs for the winter.  Instead, take advantage of the many innovative products manufactured that help take advantage of less than optimal riding conditions.  Whether you’re in the market for a snow plow, a new pair of boots, or anything in between…..we’ve got you covered! Check out our Winter Off-Road Accessory Guide.


Can Am Apache Backcountry Track Kit: $4640+ mounting kit

If you’ve got a Can Am that spends a considerable amount of time in deep snow pack, there’s no better option than one that has been designed, engineered, and built by Can Am.  Designed to fit a number of different Can Am UTV’s, the kit can be swapped by simply changing the mounting kit.



SuperATV Honda Talon Scratch Resistant Full Windshield: $350

SuperATV Honda Talon Scratch Resistant Full Windshield

One of the best ways to keep warm is to prevent the wind from getting to you and your passengers.  SuperATV’s full windshield is made from ¼” polycarbonate and is made in the USA.  This windshield is also offered for many other manufacturers for multiple models  from Can Am, Polaris, John Deere, Kawasaki, CFMoto, Yamaha, Textron, Arctic Cat, and Kubota.



SuperATV Can Am Maverick Rear Windshield: $160

SuperATV Can Am Maverick Rear Windshield

Ever take notice to how much snow collects on the back window of your SUV ripping down the road.  Guess what, the same thing happens in a UTV on powdery trails.  If you’ve already got a front windshield, you might as well add a rear.  Super ATV also builds rear windshields for various models from Polaris, Yamaha, and John Deere.



SuperATV Kawasaki Mule FXT Full Enclosure Doors: $1500

SuperATV Kawasaki Mule FXT Full Enclosure Doors

If you have a roof and windshield, you might as well enclose the whole cab!  In addition to the Kawasaki offering, SuperATV also offers full doors for select utility UTV’s from Polaris, Can Am, Yamaha, and Honda.



SuperATV Cab Heater: $375

SuperATV Cab Heater:

If you own select Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, and Can Am models, SuperATV has a really reasonably priced heat/defrost system that utilizes the vehicle’s coolant system to generate heat that’s piped into the cab.  If you plow alot of snow, this system is a no-brainer!



Warn Axon Winch:  $550-$930

Warn Axon Winch:

Available in capacities ranging from 3500lb -5500lb, Warn’s new Axon line of winches are awesome additions to lift a plow or extract your rig from an ugly winter weather situation!  These redesigned winches are engineered to be waterproof and offer increased durability.  They are offered in various configurations with either steel or synthetic rope, a lifetime mechanical warranty, and a three year electrical warranty.



Replacement Synthetic Winch Rope:  $19

Replacement Synthetic Winch Rope:

If you plow alot of snow, you’re bound to end up tearing a synthetic winch rope.  Take it from us….order one or two of these bad boys and throw them in your glove box.  You’ll thank us later!



Warn ProVantage 60” Snow Plow:  $712

Warn ProVantage 60” Snow Plow

A solid plow is paramount when you’ve got a lot of property to manage.  Warn plows have a solid reputation for durability and longevity.  The 60” straight blade will fit a broad range of UTV’s and the machine-specific mount makes the plow universal.



Klim Adrenaline GTX Boot:  $192

Klim Adrenaline GTX Boot

We’re longtime fans of Klim boots.  Great traction, excellent durability, and phenomenally warm make this a great choice for your feet!



Klim Backcountry Shovel System:  $90

Klim Backcountry Shovel System:

How about a lightweight shovel that breaks down into smaller pieces for easy storage that also hides a saw blade in the handle? You never know what you’re gonna run into off the beaten path, so this tool has you covered!



FXR Fusion Waterproof Glove:  $76

FXR Fusion Waterproof Glove:

A good set of gloves will make a noticeable difference in your riding experience.  FXR is one of the leading snowmobile accessory companies, so they know a thing or two about keeping your little fingers warm.



Klim SOL Survival Pack:  $26

Klim SOL Survival Pack:

Rather than find yourself Shit-Outta-Luck(SOL), Klim’s aptly named SOL survival pack is a little bit of insurance if you find yourself stranded in the snow.  A mirror, fire-starter, duct tape, survival blanket, a compass, and a fishing kit might afford you the ability to stay “lost” indefinitely!



Fly Racing Ignitor Balaclava:  $35

Fly Racing Ignitor Balaclava:

The best way to keep warm and dry is with layering.  OG winter weather warriors always rock a balaclava under their helmets.  The Fly Ignitor is breathable and windproof!



Scott Prospect SnowCross Goggles:  $65

Scott Prospect SnowCross Goggles:

Goggles are a necessary evil to keep your eyes protected.  You might as well look rad while you’re wearing them!  The SnowCross goggle features a NoFog anti-fog lens treatment and a nose guard.



Fly Racing Formula Carbon Vector Cold Weather Helmet:  $650

Fly Racing Formula Carbon Vector Cold Weather Helmet

Here’s a great piece of advice.  Never ever skimp on a good quality helmet!  We’re longtime supporters of Fly Racings’ quality designed and engineered helmets.  Built on that outstanding quality is a helmet that not only protects your melon, but also helps keep it warm on a cold day of riding.



iGrip Shouldered Tire Studs:  $88

iGrip Shouldered Tire Studs

If you’re favorite ride spot is plagued with icy patches, the best possible solution is to run tire studs.  iGrip offers plenty of different options to meet your needs.



30x10x14 Maxxis Liberty Tires:  ($173)

30x10x14 Maxxis Liberty Tires

Anybody in the market for an excellent UTV “big-tire” should check out the Maxxis Liberty.  Available in numerous sizes, the 30” tire is just about the perfect size.



Finntrail Wademann:  ($159)

Finntrail Wademann

If wintertime means more slush and slop rather than deep snow, the Finntrail Wademann is a great option to keep you warm and dry.  A smartphone carrying pouch and a storage bag are included.



Muck Arctic Ice Mid Boot:  ($180)

Muck Arctic Ice Mid Boot

Looking for a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry, but also allow you to easily get in and out of your UTV?  If so, the Muck Arctic Ice Mid boot is a viable option.  You can rock it in either warmest swarbrown or black.



Warrior Alpaca Socks:  ($33)

Warrior Alpaca Socks

Let’s face it.  If you can’t keep your feet warm, that epic ride day is gonna end early.  These Warrior Alpaca socks will definitely help keep your little piggies warm and lengthen your outdoor adventure!



Klim Muffler Hat:  ($40)

Klim Muffler Hat

If you’re a fan of Cousin Eddie and worship the off-road lifestyle, the Klim muffler hat will do a great job of keeping your melon warm whenever you remove your helmet.



Symtec Demon Heated Steering Wheel for Can Am:  ($40)


   Symtec Demon Heated Steering Wheel for Can Am

If you own a Can Am UTV, you are in luck this winter.  The Symtec Demon heated wheel brings automotive technology and convenience to the UTV market to help keep your hands warm when Old Man Winter is in town.



Tusk Universal Seat Heater:  ($40)

Tusk Universal Seat Heater

If you’ve got $40 burning a hole in your pocket, why not utilize it to heat your UTV seat?  Tusk has a Universal Seat Heater that can be rigged to just about any stock seat to provide a toasty home for your nether regions.


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