Fit 30’s on an RZR XP

With the tires coming from the aftermarket getting larger and larger, we sometimes find the need to make more clearance for the big rubber. We recently installed a set of 30” tires on our RZR 4 and had to open up the fenders in the front to make room so they didn’t rub. The process is pretty simple, and there are only a few steps involved. So keep this handy if you’re adding large tires. It even makes the RZR look cooler!

This is the problem: When you turn the wheel, the tires will rub and suck the rubber mudflap up into the tread, causing all sorts of noise and eventually ruining the fender. Let’s take care of this issue.
Remove the fender flare by backing out the Torx head bolts and removing the push pins.
Put a tape line to show where you’re going to cut it back. We moved ours back about 1 inch. When you have the tape line ready, you need to mark a hole to relocate the bolt and retainer clip. Also, use a sharp object to score a line down the edge of the tape on the front side.
Start off by drilling at the same height of the front hole, about an inch back on center. This will allow you to bolt the fender back up after you cut it.
Remove the clip from the hole and set it aside. Cut the fender along the scored line and finish the edge with some high-grit sandpaper.
Relocate the clip so the bolt will have something to grab onto. You will install the clip into the hole you just drilled.
Bolt the fender back up using the new hole. This will pull the entire fender back as far as you moved the hole!
It is up to you whether or not you want to run with the factory mud flaps. We put them on so you can compare the before and after. After running with our new 30-inch Super ATV Dominator tires (see page 68 for review), we did notice a little rubbing on the mud flaps as the suspension traveled up. We removed them and trimmed off the tabs that hold them in place. Enjoy your new fender clearance for those big meats!


Get out and enjoy!



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