2015 Digital Camo and Manta Green Can-Am Maverick 1000R X mr


New optional Digital Camo and Manta Green finish with X-Package seat trim and graphics
Stitched with the X-package logo and accented with matching colors, the seats on the Maverick 1000R X mr are race ready and offer industry-leading comfort. X-package graphics and sponsor logos enhance the high-performance looks while complimenting the attractive yellow-and-black color scheme. The new Digital Camo and Manta Green finish is now offered along with the traditional black with yellow highlights.

2015 Can-Am Maverick 1000R X MR Package
The 101-horsepower Rotax-powered Can-Am Maverick 1000R X mr is built to offer impressive performance, precision-engineered handling and a driver-focused design to conquer a muddy trail or closed-course bog. The new vehicle is based off the two-seat Maverick platform, but includes an industry-exclusive and mud-specific X package along with Tri-Mode DPS and Visco-Lok QE.The 2015 X mr includes the X-package color-matching seat and enhanced stitching, WARN ProVantage winch, fully adjustable FOX HPG piggyback shocks, the new lower “L” gearing in transmission and a new, optional Digital Camo and Manta Green finish.

Fully adjustable FOX HPG piggyback shocks
Large-diameter 47-millimeter aluminum piggyback shocks built by FOX shocks are fully adjustable with high- and low-speed compression, high- and low-speed rebound and multi-position preload adjustment. Both front and rear shocks offer excellent suspension travel for conquering mud bogs. With advanced high- and low-speed tuning available, one can dial in suspension performance to their preference. The large-diameter design and piggyback construction help dissipate heat.

CVT transmission with extra low gear
The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on the Maverick 1000R X mr has an extra low range “L-gear” to allow for an increased workload, but also has a softer engagement. CVT intake features improved cooling for better efficiency in work conditions. The CVT system improves the transmission performance in wet terrain and conditions with its secure, 13-bolt sealing system. A dedicated drain plug is built into the cover and easily accessible if the need ever arises to remove water from the CVT housing. The CVT intake is at a higher location in the chassis for optimal performance in wet riding conditions.

4,500-pound (2,041 kg) WARN ProVantage winch
A 4,500-pound WARN winch kit includes a roller fairlead, wired remote control and integrated remote storage. The winch is designed to compliment the Commander 1000 XT-P and handle heavy-duty loads when at the work site and on the trail.

30-IN. Gorilla Silverback Tires
The same tires found on the unmatched Can-Am Outlander 1000 X mr ATV, the proven 30-inch Gorilla Axle Silverback tires were chosen for their exceptional mud-riding characteristics. Developed by Gorilla Axle for mud riding and racing, these tires have been tested in the deepest mud holes of east Texas and Louisiana. With a tall lug and aggressive tread pattern, the tires offer superb mud performance, yet a smooth ride when traveling to the mud hole.

14-IN. ITP SS312 Cast-Aluminum Wheels
The tall, ITP cast-aluminum wheels and stylish wheel hubcap work in tandem to give the Outlander X mr an aggressive look.

Strategically Positioned Engine Air Intake And CVT Inlets / Outlets
BRP has made sure that critical components like the CVT intake, CVT exhaust and engine air intake are located as high as possible on the Maverick 1000R X mr. Positioned high above the muddy, wet conditions below, the system is designed with the proper air volume to keep everything operating efficiently.

Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
Calibrated specifically for use in the Maverick line of side-by-side vehicles, BRP’s Tri-Mode DPS system offers variable steering assistance and is designed to offer less assist at high speed and more assist at low speed. It also allows the driver to dial in his or her preference with three modes (Hi, Med, Lo).

Visco-Lok QE
All DPS-equipped models come with the Visco-Lok QE calibration giving an even quicker engagement of the front differential. It progressively transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the gripping one – automatically with no buttons to push or levers to pull. Plus, there’s no wheel hop or driveline wind-up so the system is totally transparent to the driver and extremely easy to steer. Can lock up to 100 percent with no rev or speed limiter. This differential, unlike some competitor’s differential systems, does not have a speed or rev limiter. DPS and Visco-Lok QE, when, combined, improve handling and performance in slow-speed technical terrain and mud.

3-D analog / digital gauge
The Maverick 1000R X mr has an upgraded gauge over the base Maverick, featuring state-of-the-art instrumentation with an analog tachometer and speedometer combined with an advanced digital information center.

Custom steering wheel with brushed-aluminum center part
The three-spoke steering wheel is outfitted with molded grips and a brushed aluminum centerpiece to add to the Can-Am side x side’s performance looks.

Front bumper
A stylish, yet rugged, front bumper protects this powerful mud vehicle in the toughest of conditions.

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