Gorilla Silverback Tire Dominates Mud Nationals Competitions

Gorilla Silverback Mud Tires show there stuff

Monroe, LA, April 14, 2008 – After one of the largest competitive turnouts in organized mud-racing history, Gorilla Axle is pleased to announce that many of the major trophies at the 2008 ATV Mud Nationals were taken on Gorilla Silverback Mud Tires.

Congratulations are in order for Billy Wooten of Team Gorilla Axle who took 2nd Place in the Mudda-Cross SxS division on his highly modified Polaris RZR with 32x10x14 Gorilla Silverback Tires.

Brandon Layton and David Smith took the top prize in the Endurance Run on a Can-Am Renegade 800 featuring 28x10x12 Gorilla Silverback Tires.

Seth Russell of Team Bad Company/I-45 Sales finished with top honors in the Super-Modified Class of the ATV Mud Bog on his Can-Am Renegade 800 boasting 32x10x14 Gorilla Silverback Tires.

Finally, the “1-2 Punch” of Brandon Broussard and Hoyt McCormick of Team Gorilla Powered By Can-Am finished in 1st and 2nd (respectively) in the Open Class of the Mud Bog, the highest award and most prized competition available at the Mud Nationals Event.

The Gorilla Silverback utilizes six-ply construction with the toughest rubber compound available in the ATV Market. A specially designed wide-lugged tread pattern performs especially well in the most extreme muddy conditions. The deep lugs give the rider all the confidence in the world when the mud and water gets deeper while the tread wraps from the center of the face all the way to the bead, allowing for more traction in the most severe ruts and riding situations. With the industry’s most intricate tire design, the Gorilla Silverback is proven in identical machine tests…and NOW in head-to-head competition…to outperform other tires in its class, making the Gorilla Silverback Tire the hardest-pulling tire on the market. Featured in the tread design of the Silverback is the World-Famous Gorilla Axle “Gorilla Face” logo, boldly marking every tire as tested and approved by Team Gorilla. To top off the features of the Gorilla Silverback tire, each and every Silverback is made in the USA!

The Gorilla Silverback is available by contacting Gorilla Axle, Inc. on the web at www.gorilla-axle.com or via phone by calling (318) 345-8186. Gorilla Axle, Inc. manufacture heavy-duty ATV axles, suspension lifts, drivetrain and transmission components and much more. Gorilla Axle, Inc. is the parent company to Team Gorilla and Team Gorilla Powered by Can-Am and operates out of Monroe, Louisiana.

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