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“We Are Driven” to provide our customers with the most innovative and exciting off-road and UTV vehicles that are available in the marketplace today. We welcome you to the world of Joyner vehicles and products.  If you are looking for a unique product that exceeds customer expectations, then we invite you to stop in at one of many dealerships located throughout the world to see and test drive one of our vehicles for yourself.


Changzhou Joyner Recreational Vehicles was originally founded in 2001 with a commitment to our customers to provide a quality off-road and UTV reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of this industry. We stock and offer a full range of spare parts and optional equipment for immediate shipment and service. “We Are Driven” and it is our goal to make every Joyner purchase a positive experience and, simply put, to provide you, the customer, with a higher quality product at the best possible pricing.


Joyner is a leader in technology and innovation.  Our products have been tested over thousands of miles in some of the most grueling conditions from the frozen tundra of Canada to the brutal desert conditions found in the Southwest US. Joyner introduced the first 4-seater UTV to the industry in 2005, while others are just now claiming to be the first. In 2006, we introduced the first sport UTV (Trooper) with a rear trailing arm suspension. Joyner was the first to introduce an automotive-based power plant, and we still have the largest displacement engine available in a UTV today, with an 1100cc in-line 4-cylinder DOHC fuel-injected engine and an 800cc in-line 3-cylinder DOHC fuel-injected engine. Our UTVs are for the serious-minded customer, looking for more than an ATV built on a larger frame with two seats. Joyner is an industry leader and will continue to introduce new products that exceed those available from our competition. If you are a serious enthusiast, then you will find that our vehicles are designed and engineered for you and come standard with more performance features and optional parts than anyone else in the industry. “We Are Driven” to push the boundaries of the UTV industry, and if you are looking for an exciting vehicle with exceptional performance, then test drive one of our vehicles and see for yourself.


Joyner prides itself on quality and strives to continuously improve our products through customer feedback. We are ISO 9001 certified and operate under the most stringent quality assurance program.


Joyner has made a commitment to be the leader in customer service before and after the sale. All of our vehicles come with a new 6-month warranty on all parts and repair service. We carry thousands of spare parts for immediate delivery to anywhere in the world. While our vehicles come standard with more features than anyone else, we also offer more optional parts for our vehicles than anyone else. From full enclosures to performance parts, we are your one-stop source for high performance and optional equipment that can be bolted right on to your Joyner vehicle. We will strive to achieve the necessary results and solutions to any customer concern, and to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible and to better inform our customers of our products and the services we provide.


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