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No company understands the unique lighting needs of off-road enthusiasts better than Rigid Industries, and the new RIGID Chase rear facing LED light is just one more example of how RIGID continues to dominate off-road lighting. The RIGID Chase Light was initially developed for UTVs, but it’s versatility makes it a great solution for buggies, rails, Jeeps, and just about any other off-road application. Stock UTVs are not equipped with Reverse lights and there is rarely a courtesy light for illuminating the cargo area. Further, racing and chase applications required special lighting that meant fabricating a custom light bar to meet race sanctioning body lighting requirements, or to simply add the safety features that off-road enthusiasts wanted. Finally reverse, courtesy, strobe, running, and brake lighting can be had in a single compact fixture that is easily attachable to any existing rollbar or flat surface.

The RIGID Chase Light starts with a powerful halo around the perimeter of the aluminum housing that is available in three colors: red, amber, or blue. It is this halo that sets the RIGID Chase Light apart from other LED lighting. There is a built-in strobe function, so the halo can be used as a rearward-facing blue, amber, or red flasher. The halo can serve as a normal running light to be used instead of or in conjunction with the stock lighting. It even has a brake light function and can act just like a factory tail light to signal braking. The center portion of the Rigid Chase Light houses a 750-lumen white light that can be used as a reverse light, or as a rearward-facing area light that’s handy around camp. There’s also a smaller 168-lumen downward facing courtesy light that can be used to light up a cargo area. All of these functions, including reverse, courtesy, strobe, running, and brake, can be independently controlled. Further, the RIGID Chase Light can be wired individually or in series for even more lighting possibilities.

The RIGID Chase LED Light measures just 7” wide by 2” tall, so it’s ideal for any application where space is a premium. The rugged housing has an integrated high-efficiency aluminum heat sink to protect the LEDs and offers years of trouble-free operation. The light includes a rollbar mounting bracket that will accommodate 1.75-inch to 2-inch diameter tubing, and it also includes an L-shaped bracket for mounting to any flat surface. While it’s packed full of so many options and features, the RIGID Chase Light is also an exceptional value. It saves hours of custom fabrication time and offers a simple bolt-on solution for many different off-road applications.

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