Polaris Salutes American Heroes

Polaris Salutes American Heroes

Patriotic Campaign Recognizes All Types of American Heroes by Sharing the Stories of Polaris

Owners and Dealers Making Significant Contributions to Better Their Communities

Polaris Salutes American Heroes

Honoring its American roots and community of owners, today Polaris Off Road, the world leader in powersports and off-road innovation, launched Polaris Salutes American Heroes campaign. Since its founding in 1954, the American-based company has placed tremendous value on the power of determination, tenacity and purpose. Those qualities date back to its start when two brothers and a friend set out to find a better way to navigate the Roseau, Minnesota snow. With some ingenuity and grit, the three rolled up their sleeves and combined an engine and a sled to produce what would eventually become the first snowmobile and the start of Polaris.

Today, more than 60 years later, those same principles are visible in heroes of all kinds, those who are stepping forward to help the country navigate new road blocks with no map or driver’s manual to guide the way. From school teachers finding inventive solutions to connect with and educate youth, to farmers working together to ensure the country’s food supply remains intact, or the many caregivers, neighbors and volunteers going out of their way to help others and keep our communities safe.

This campaign sets out to share the many stories of Polaris heroes – from traditional military members to the grocery delivery drivers – that deserve a salute.

“The Polaris Salutes American Heroes campaign was developed to recognize our owners and dealers who are going above and beyond to serve our country and their communities in heroic

ways,” said Steven Menneto, president of Off Road, Polaris. “Just like Polaris, many of the ideas that are making an impact now start with a simple need, the willpower to make a change and a little creativity. We see that ingenuity every day in our employees, dealers and owners and are happy to use our platforms to share their stories and further thank and honor them.”

Throughout the month of June, consumers, owners and dealers are encouraged to nominate a current Polaris owner or dealership employee that is based in the United States for a chance to win a charitable gift, prize pack and to have their stories featured across Polaris channels. Nominees will be broken into five categories and should embody the commitment, dedication and sacrifice of a true American hero while having a profound impact on others.

The campaign’s five nomination categories include:

• Protecting America (military, first responders)

• Healing America (doctor, nurse, dentist, home health aide)

• Growing America (agriculture industry, small business owners, teachers)

• Sustaining America (grocery, transporting supplies)

• Raising Up America (celebrating those that give back to their communities)

Five winners will be selected the week leading up to the Fourth of July. Winning owners will receive a $1,000 donation made by Polaris Foundation to a charity of their choice and a summer prize pack worth more than $500 MSRP, including a cooler, summer gear and other Polaris accessories. Polaris will also select five dealer employee winners who will receive a $500 donation made by Polaris Foundation to a charity of their choice, along with the summer prize pack. Nominees must be residents of the United State or District of Columbia in order to win.

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