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When we first heard about the QuickShot, admittedly, we were a little confused. “It’s a jack?” No. “It’s a spare tire mount?” Not exactly. While we still don’t know what to classify it as, we have spent some time with it, and we have grown to love it. It’s available in two mounting configurations– horizontal and vertical, with the horizontal kit shown here. It costs $179.95, and it’s available at


When you first unpack the QuickShot from the box, you’ll find some straps, hardware, a jack and jack handle, and the QuickFist rubber clamps. Using the triangular base, you have a ton of options on where to mount all the pieces, but the scissor jack must go in the center of the plate. We attached all the pieces, threaded the straps (and the supplied ratchet), and strapped the QuickShot down over a spare tire placed on top of a Lock-N-Ride cargo box. Once assembled, it only takes seconds to strap down the QuickShot, making access to the cargo box simple. Once strapped down tight, the tire and QuickShot stay nicely in place even under hard riding and in the whoops, which is pretty impressive considering there are no solid mounts. We pulled the QuickShot off and jacked up an RZR 4 to simulate a tire change in the sand, and the broad, flat surface that the base offers didn’t budge the entire time. If you didn’t have a QuickShot, you would need a large piece of wood or a rock to keep the jack from sinking in the sand, and even then, without the jack being bolted to whatever you’re using for a base, a tire change can get a bit sketchy. Using the QuickShot, nothing moves an inch. It’s a lifesaver for sand trips or in the mud, as it provides a solid base to lift your UTV without sinking. On just that basis alone, it’s a winner in our book.

We also mounted a fire extinguisher to the base and a shovel using the QuickFist clamps, which are ingenious little rubber devices that allow you to install or remove any cylindrical object that will fit inside the clamps within seconds. They stay tight and are easy to use, and we suggest ordering another pair with your QuickShot to increase your mounting capabilities. Pro Amor’s vertical mount option allows you to mount the QuickShot to the back of your UTV or the side of the bed to maintain bed space, and we have even seen people mount them to the cage! It’s a very versatile product that definitely deserves consideration by any UTV owner, regardless of the terrain you ride in.

Price: $179.95




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