SxS / UTV Universal Vehicle Cover by Pro Armor

UTV Cover

Pro Armor is excited about its release of its Universal SxS/UTV Vehicle Cover. Always keeping innovation and style on the forefront we have developed a universal cover that works on most UTV.s regardless of aftermarket accessories that you may have added. Have an aftermarket light bar at the top of the roof, then simply undo the Velcro and undo the pocket that fits snugly over most light bars. Have an aftermarket roll cage, no problem. Have you installed a 4 seater roll cage, just undo the straps and out pops the section required to fit securely around most roll cages. We have also added straps that allow you to pull any loose material snugly around your vehicle. If you don’t have a light bar or aftermarket roll cage, no worries we have straps that keep both extra pockets hidden and the cover will fit securely on your stock SxS/UTV.

The cover is made of heavy duty, UV resistant nylon sure to last for years. We have also added elastic around the base of the cover so it fits snugly around your tires with or without a long travel kit. The Pro Armor logo is prominently silk screened on the front of the cover.

Access Holes

In case that wasn’t enough we have also added access windows that stay securely closed with 2 way zippers and heavy duty Velcro. Ever left your keys, wallet or other important items in your glove box or just wanted to leave some items on the seat but never had easy access?

Light Bar Cover

No problem, simply undo the easy Velcro straps and unzip the driver side window for easy access to any items or valuables you may have left or put in your SxS. Need easy access to the bed or rear seats in your SxS, we have added a heavy duty window with zipper and Velcro here as well.

Order your universal vehicle cover today and protect your investment.

Suggested Retail $129.95



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