Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

Since 1980 the Losi brand focus has been racing. In the early days of R/C racing, the standard hobby grade R/C car was not meant for racing and could not survive any type of harsh landing or impact. The Losi brand started selling option parts for these same cars that would help them survive the abuse of an off-road racetrack. This led to a surge in R/C racing popularity and its was not long before Losi put its focus on developing its first R/C car the JRX2. Check out the current Losi RC Off-Road Lineup.

ProMoto-MX Motorcycle 

Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

An RC motorcycle that looks and performs just like a real dirt bike? It’s not a dream anymore!

Price: $599.99


Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

Indulge in your passion for UTV action anytime and anywhere!

Price: $619.99

Lasernut U4 4WD Rock Racer

RTR Completion Level is fully assembled and only requires an IC5/EC5 LiPo battery and compatible charger for operation.

Price: $539.99

Hammer Rey U4 Rock Racer

Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

Bred for off-road excellence.

Price: $579.99

Baja Rey Ford Raptor 

The Losi® Ford Raptor Baja Rey® is the most authentic desert truck on the market. 

Price: $499.99

Super Rock Rey 4WD Rock Racer

Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

Go BIG wherever you bash!

Price: $899.99

DBXL-E Desert Buggy

Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

DBXL-E is the go to vehicle for large scale bashers and enthusiasts alike.

Price: $1,199.99

Super Baja Rey 2.0

1/6th-scale desert truck.

Price: $969.99

Five-T 2.0 

Losi RC Off-Road Lineup

1/5 4WD Gas Short Course Truck

Price: $1,599.99

Mini JRX2

JRX2 is back in a 1/16th scale package. 

Price: $169.99

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