2023 Can-Am Outlander Lineup

We are excited to share some of the biggest Can-Am ATV news in the last decade, the 2023 Can-Am Outlander Lineup is here with the all-new Outlander recreational models and the Outlander PRO utility models!
2023 Can-Am Outlander Lineup
The Outlander 500 & 700 and Outlander PRO HD5 & HD7 lineups represent unmatched performance, quality, reliability, and most importantly rider value for the mid-displacement ATV category.
A critical emphasis went into developing these ATVs with a rider focused approach. We have honed in on what our riders want and need out of their machines, creating some of the best and most usable recreational and utility ATVs the market has ever seen. This thought process has carried into the accessories as well, we have designed a full suite of the most functional accessories the industry has ever seen.

Can-Am ATVs have always helped riders get out and do more, from working on the ranch to tackling the trails. As new consumer needs arise, Can-Am is once again pushing boundaries with the all-new mid-cc (medium engine displacement) Can-Am Outlander ATV recreational and utility models. Designed and built with the emphasis of improving the rider experience at every touchpoint for both work and play, the new Outlander lineup offers more performance, comfort, storage and reliability for the category. All this while being very competitively priced.

“This launch is probably the biggest Can-Am ATV launch of the past 10 years! We are excited to offer consumers a best in class ATV designed with their needs in mind and how they use the product, from the riding experience, to real-world capabilities and our awesome accessories,” said Elsa Vilarinho, Director, Global Marketing, Can-Am Off-Road at BRP.

The new recreational Outlander 700 and 500 models, and utility Outlander PRO HD7 and HD5 models are all equipped with class-leading power, ground clearance, suspension travel, towing capacity, rack capacity and longest maintenance intervals. The Outlander 700 and 500 are some of the most versatile ATVs on the market, giving riders everything they need for their next off-road adventure. For 2023, the new Outlander recreational lineup includes the standard models, the 500 2×4, DPS, XT 700, X mr 700, MAX DPS, and MAX XT 700. The Outlander PRO HD7 and HD5 are built for the ones who have to get things done, they haul, they tow, and they can store more than any other ATV on the market.

For 2023, the new Outlander PRO utility lineup includes the standard PRO models, PRO XU, and PRO Hunting Edition.


An all-new rear facing 650cc single cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) four-stroke engine design and configuration are complemented by a new integrated transmission design and pDrive clutch, all of which give the new Outlander platform class leading power and towing capabilities. Thanks to ECU calibration and different camshaft designs, the 700 and PRO HD7 models have 50-horsepower and 41 ft-lb of torque, while the 500 and PRO HD5 models have 40-horsepower and 37 ft-lb of torque.

All Outlander 500 and 700 machines are equipped with the new pDrive primary CVT transmission for smoother shifting, increased durability and feature L/H/N/R/P gearing. The Outlander PRO HD5 and HD7 machines are equipped with a new pDrive primary CVT transmission that also features work calibration along with Extra L/H/N/R/P gearing. Both the Outlander and Outlander PRO platforms share a selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lok†, Visco-Lok† QE or Visco-4Lok with auto-locking front differential drivetrain offered according to the packages.

2023 Can-Am-Outlander XT 700 – Platinum Satin

2023 Can-Am Outlander Lineup


A new tubular steel chassis design derived from the Can-Am Maverick X3 platform, front and rear arched A-Arm suspension configuration are what have given the new Outlander and Outlander PRO platforms the class-leading suspension travel and ground clearance. Both the recreational and utility models are equipped with 9.75” of double A-Arm front suspension travel with twin tube shocks upfront, and with 10.25” in the rear. The PRO models feature stiffer suspension tuning to allow for working conditions and heavier payloads. The combination of the chassis and suspension design create the unrivaled ground clearance, handling, and stability of the new Outlander platform, with up to 13” of ground clearance on certain models.

The new chassis of the Outlander platform allowed for enhanced ergonomic comfort for riders and passengers. Riders will immediately notice the increased knee room and more spacious floorboards that improve handling and increase stability. A thick and durable seat also takes comfort to the next level and reduces noise and chassis feedback. Complementing the new pDrive primary CVT transmission is a more ergonomically friendly shift lever with a smoother grip and refined shifting experience.

2023 Can-Am Outlander XT 700 – Neo-Yellow

Storage & Accessories

The Outlander and Outlander PRO both come standard with incredible storage capabilities, starting upfront with the new 1-gallon integrated glove box compartment and select models also feature a magnetic phone mount and USB port to keep riders’ devices charged while they are on the go.

The new Outlander platform is available with 125 different LinQ accessory options, it has something for everyone. The vehicle accessory options are broken down into three categories, front cargo area, handlebar interface and ergo zone, and rear cargo area. There are ergonomic accessories like heated grips and windshield options. Storage accessories for the front and rear of the vehicle for things like gun racks, chainsaws, and just about any other necessary tool. Utility accessory options include items like a winch, plow, and auxiliary gas can. Performance accessories include items like skid plates, snow trax, and HID lightning options. The numerous accessories available to riders help them make the most out of their day, whether they are working or playing.

The 2023 Can-Am Outlander Lineup includes:
  • Outlander 500 2×4

  • Outlander DPS

  • Outlander XT 700

  • Outlander X mr 

  • Outlander MAX DPS

  • Outlander MAX XT

The Outlander PRO HD5 & HD7 utility lineup includes
  • Outlander PRO

  • Outlander PRO XU

  • Outlander PRO Hunting

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